Each business faces its challenges but managing its risk exposure shouldn't be one of them.


iMvula is more than just a guarding business – we provide comprehensive risk management solutions that allow you to focus more on your business than on managing a range of suppliers.

By having one provider who can successfully deliver several high-quality managed services, running your company has never been easier.


Your assets, whether financial, human, intellectual or otherwise, are essential to your business. Our services provide a holistic solution to your security risks.


Our model of prevention, detection and suppression provides a complete solution to your fire risks.


We specialise in professional cleaning service solutions designed for each client's requirements.

hygiene & PEST CONTROL

We offer installation and maintenance of state-of-the-art equipment which consider both our clients and the environment.


Through the addition of our insurance offering, not only does our solution mitigate your risk, but in the unlikely event that a loss does occur, we will cover it.

warehousing and logistics

Our solutions allow you to achieve optimal cost, service levels and quality assurance in respect of storage and distribution of your product range.


Our training centre can assist you in improving your employees' skills and ultimately improve the quality of your product or service offering.

non-core function outsourcing

We provide outcomes-based
outsourcing solutions that allow you to focus on on your operations while we cover the small stuff.

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