iMvula Quality Protection provides a converged security services which augments the traditional guarding model with the use of technology to provide a more efficient and effective solution to our customers. 

Our approach will assist you in reducing your risk exposure and delivering a high-quality solution that has a tangible financial benefit to you by leveraging the use of technology. By our savings on your security and related spend, we allow you to deliver more value to your customers and stakeholders.

As a BBBEE Level-1 supplier, not only are we committed to developing our country, but we also provide a substantial benefit in the form of additional procurement points at a recognition level of 135%.

Allow iMvula to make a difference in your business by selecting us as your risk management partner.


Please note that all quotes are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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In order to get an indication of what your guarding requirement may cost, please feel free to try out our ad hoc service calculator for indicative pricing.


Please take note of the following:

  • Our calculator does not take Sunday or public holiday rates into account

  • Ad hoc services for an extended period may be subject to a discount.

Please note that this is not a quote and that in order to get a quotation from us on your security needs it would be best to get in contact with us so we can suggest a comprehensive security solution for your needs.


We recommend incorporating physical guarding and technology, based on a full risk-assessment and giving consideration to your budget requirements, and each quotation is tailored to our clients' needs and circumstances.

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intelliSEC is a turnkey supplier of intelligent site management systems that vary from CCTV, access control (biometric and RFID) and time & attendance to fire detection, public address and voice evacuation systems.


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