The sheer speed and devastating destructive power of fire make it one of the most severe threats to any commercial enterprise, which is why our model of prevention, detection and suppression provides a complete solution to your fire risks.

iMvula can tailor a total solution for the mitigation of your fire risk exposure depending on the specific characteristics of the protected space.


  • Fire Detection Systems

    • Analogue Addressable & Conventional Fire Panels

    • Aspiration Systems

  • Fire Suppression Systems

    • Gas Suppression (FM 200, Argonite, Inergen, Co2 & Novac)

    • Cabinet, DB Board & Hood Suppression Systems

  • Evacuation & Public Address Systems

  • Fire Portables & Other Fire Equipment

  • Fireball

  • Fire Fighting Foam & Hoses

  • Fire Safety Equipment

  • Emergency Signage

  • Fire System Service & Maintenance

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