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Procedural Approach & Integration of Services

Our procedural approach encompasses extracting key operational performance factors and risks specific to the client’s operations, to draft and develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Job Descriptions (JDs) in conjunction with our client and giving reference to the Service Level Agreement (SLA), to develop an approach to risk management that inculcates discipline and ensures a high level of service delivery. This approach is incorporated in our Continuous Improvement Matrix, which assists us in developing Best Practice specific to each site and further reducing risk wherever possible.

This approach is integrated with our other services to provide a holistic risk management framework by combining:

  • Procedure management and adaptation,

  • Oversight via our management structure and control room environment,

  • Deployment of technology to provide further visibility and functionality,

  • Integration of related services and products,

  • Comprehensive assessment of service delivery and realignment of objectives,

  • Visibility via our client app and reporting structures.

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