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iMvula Quality Protection provides a converged security service which augments the traditional guarding model with the use of technology to provide a more efficient and effective solution to our customers. 

Our approach will assist you in reducing your risk exposure and delivering a high-quality solution that has a tangible financial benefit to you by leveraging the use of technology. By our savings on your security and related spend, we allow you to deliver more value to your customers and stakeholders.

As a BBBEE Level-1 supplier, not only are we committed to developing our country, but we also provide a substantial benefit in the form of additional procurement points at a recognition level of 135%.

Allow iMvula to make a difference in your business by selecting us as your risk management partner.


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Physical Security

Supported by our technology suite and local management teams, our security officers are the first available resource on the ground to respond to your needs and any incidents that may occur on-site. Our officers are there to secure your assets and people, allowing you to focus on your business.

  • Our physical guarding solution is augmented with technology to provide a converged solution that better addresses the multitude of risks faced by businesses today.​​​

  • We customise your guarding complement to ensure your risks are addressed while maintaining a cost-effective solution, while also continuously reviewing its effectiveness to ensure we offer the best service possible.

  • We provide reports regarding incidents on your site and an investigative process to understand the causes and address them to prevent further occurrence.

  • We serve clients across multiple industries including commercial real estate, education, financial institutions, government institutions, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, logistics, retail, natural resources and public transportation.

  • We offer armed escorts and personal protection for your executives and key employees.



We offer a wide range of systems to keep your organisation safe and secure. Our professionals work with your team to build a variety of systems - fire alarm, access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and mass notification. Our systems are designed to help reduce your costs over the life of the system. iMvula strives to meet our customer’s needs and design systems that make sense for you.

  • Intruder Alarm – Video Verification; Panic Button with App​

  • Outdoor Protection Devices​

  • Anti-Jamming Alarm Transmitters​

  • Specialized Trap Zones​

  • Nurse Call Systems

  • Gate Alarms

  • CCTV

  • Access Control

  • Time & Attendance

  • Guard Monitoring

  • Panic Button

  • Turnstiles & mantraps

  • Service & Maintenance

RIsk assess.png

Risk Assessments

We conduct Detailed Site Vulnerability Level Assessments that include fire, safety and security risks identified at the premises.

A site vulnerability assessment identifies, assesses and implements critical security and safety controls.

Carrying out a vulnerability assessment allows an organisation to view the risks from an attacker's perspective. It will enable managers in making informed decisions regarding the allocation of safety and security controls.

There are six steps for a successful vulnerability assessment:


Step 1 – Identification of vulnerabilities

Step 2 – Assessment of vulnerabilities

Step 3 – Mitigation of vulnerabilities

Step 4 – Prevention of vulnerabilities

Step 5 – Test and verify mitigation and prevention steps taken

Step 6 – Regular mistake proofing of mitigation and prevention steps taken

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Risk Management and Reporting

A holistic approach to risk management requires sound intelligence. Through our risk management platform, we provide active monitoring of threats through real-time information gathering which allows us to help you mitigate risks and prevent losses.

  • Targeted Smart Alerts give you relevant information on threats to your business.

  • Real-time constant monitoring of social media networks, forums and other platforms identifies potential threats from outside and within your organisation.

  • Cloud-based software means it is easily accessible and highly scalable.

  • A customizable dashboard allows you to filter your information to ensure information remains relevant to your needs.

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iMvula provides around-the-clock monitoring which provides incident oversight and management to a conclusion from one of our regional control rooms, which all follow SAIDSA standards. We have linked a network of highly sophisticated alarm monitoring centres via a Wide Area Network (WAN) which prevents downtime of any form. Signals are analysed by our designated operators to ensure that the appropriate action is taken to mitigate your risk. We archive all activations for reference at your convenience.


  • Intruder

  • Fire Panels

  • Specialised Tracking

  • Medical Monitoring

  • IP Monitoring

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

  • Guard Monitoring

  • Process Monitoring

    • Fridges

    • Pumps

    • Vending

  • Video Offsite

  • Video Verification

  • Video Patrol

  • iSentry (Licence Plate Recognition Systems)


Specialised CCTV

Our high-quality, cost-effective CCTV technology allows you to keep your premises safe and secure and provide you and us with constant oversight of your business. We select the appropriate model for your specific requirements and budget to meet all of your needs:

  • Dome CCTV, IP Cameras and Thermal Imaging provide the latest in threat detection and analysis.

  • License Number Plate Recognition (LNPR) assists in identifying vehicles entering or exiting your premises and mitigate risks by allowing us to respond to stolen vehicles which may be on your site with immoral intentions.

  • Comprehensive system design and product selection provide you with a solution that meets your requirements.

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Strike Intervention Team

Labour unrest and strike action are ever-present realities in South Africa, but your business need not be interrupted by these often-uncontrollable events.


iMvula’s Strike Force comprises a team of trained officers who are experienced at managing strikes and providing protection for your people and premises in the event of strike action. Our officers are armed with all the necessary equipment to quell unrest and mitigate damage to your property.

  • Intelligence networks through our risk management platform allow us to monitor and anticipate strike action to ensure preparedness.

  • Can be deployed on short notice to ensure that the situation is brought under control timeously.

  • We take footage of strike action for use as actionable evidence in disciplinary and court proceedings.

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First Response

Office parks, gated communities and other commercial clusters are concentrated areas which are prone to multiple risks, such as break-ins, fires and medical emergencies.


In conjunction with our guarding solution, iMvula First Response provides a highly-visible vehicle unit which is stationed inside your precinct and has a fire-trained armed reaction officer and a paramedic on board, to allow our unit to respond to any form of threat faced immediately.

  • Immediate proximity allows our unit to respond to an incident faster than any other emergency services.

  • Various training disciplines allow for response to multiple types of incidents.

  • High visibility acts as a deterrent for potential intruders.



Your information is one of the most valuable assets your business owns; thus it is imperative that you protect your data to avoid theft, destruction or leaks which can lead to reputational damage and economic losses.


Cybersecurity is more than protecting your information: it is protecting your brand and its associated goodwill from thieves, corporate espionage and disgruntled employees.

To safeguard your business, we employ a wide range of services and technologies to defend against threats to your cybersecurity:

  • Authentication management

  • Cyber intelligence

  • Insider threat and breach detection

  • Malware management

  • Endpoint security

  • Social media and brand detection



iMvula App

The iMvula App allows our customers to plug into our advanced Integrated Security Management System.


It enables our customers to monitor data on their sites and interact with us from the convenience of their smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Customers can also choose to communicate within a community or precinct for information sharing.

  • Dashboard monitoring allows you to see the situation on your sites at a glance.

  • Reports can be viewed directly from the app to get more detail on specific topics.

  • Submit requests from within the app for an all manner of ad-hoc requirements.

  • Push notifications alert you of relevant information about your site or area concerning incidents or threats to your business.

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